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Is there an answer for suffering? Sometimes suffering is explicable, sometimes inscrutable, but even when there are no answers, there are responses.

The Odyssey outlines one family’s journey when their five-year-old daughter suffered a severe brain injury from viral encephalitis. Along the way, The Odyssey explores biblical responses to suffering, including laments, Job’s suffering, faith healing, the devil, natural evil, discipleship, the ways God’s glory may be revealed in suffering, and how we can bear each other’s burdens. The Odyssey is not an easy path through suffering but an open and honest account of struggles buoyed by Jesus’s presence, reflecting the love and pain experienced in God’s pursuit.





“Joe Gonnella invites us into a spiritual odyssey with his daughter’s life-changing brain injury. He finds ‘markers for the journey’ in the biblical words of the Psalms, the writings of Paul, and the teachings of Jesus. . . . It is a story of faith told without pretense. As a pastor I would recommend the book to anyone looking for a studied and thoughtful guide for their own journeys into life’s inevitable questions of ‘Why?’ and ‘How?”

—Rory Swenson, Lead Pastor, Advent United Methodist Church, Eagan, Minnesota

“Joseph Gonnella’s daughter, Sarah, was a healthy, quiet little girl. Then suddenly, at age five, she ended up on life support and suffered brain damage. She was left thereafter with profound disabilities. Through The Odyssey, Sarah’s story is woven together with Joseph’s exploration of theology, the Bible, and suffering. This is a fascinating, head-and-heart personal account of ongoing faith even in the midst of a major lifelong challenge.”

—Duane Paetznick, Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church, Apple Valley, Minnesota

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You can download an excerpt of The Odyssey here. (Used with permission of Wipe & Stock Publishers.)

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