A Gray Pastiche


Men are from Mars,

women from Vegas.

dogs are from Pluto,

so he has made us.


Gray sighs at night,

sailors uptight.


Different oscillations:

sine curves,

 tensile strength as rubber

 bands snap, cavern,

 where dragons lurk

 as silent knights;

 cosine curves,

 waves break upon the shore,

 surge and drop into a well,

 but rebound on their own.

 Tides of life,

pulled by different planets,

swell or damp,

in monthly rhythms,

coincidentally unlike cramps.

The planets remain their own orbs;

happy, nearby, but self-absorbed.


Gray sighs in morning,

 sailors past warning.


And not a hint

of one flesh made

in the image of God;


helpmate, gift of God,


slave to the other,

as to Christ.

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